Blinded Update

Update – working hard on BLINDED. Okay, maybe just working on it.

And when the brain (or hands) cramp, there are always other things to do.

Like take typing tests. I average 72 wpm with bursts over 80 wpm when I know what the heck I’m typing. Take that multitasking – I can type some unknown passage from Aesop’s Fables and hit the commas and caps and blasted hyphens all while glancing at the type-o-meter to watch it jump. One of my coworkers commented on my typing speed, so of course, I had to go find out. I type at twice the “average” speed, whatever that means.

Back to BLINDED.

Word count until Andrew thinks “Son of a bitch!” = 1,198 words.* I’ll let you guess who he’s referring to!

Typing Tutor III. I think that was the program my parents bought for me in the 5th or 6th grade. That was on the Apple IIc. Or the Commodore 64. See? I’ve been typing for so long the computer I “learned” to type on is forgotten. Actually, I didn’t learn to type with it. I concentrated on playing Bananarama ad nauseum while I designed game levels on Lode Runner.

Word count until the mythical War Horse makes an appearance = 757 words.* Elof got tired of waiting. That horse, he’s miffed he got sidelined in TENDERFOOT. He doesn’t respond well to slights.

When did I really learn to type? I’d like to pretend it was when I typed up my (bad) high school novel written during a year long creative writing class where most of the kids passed notes or did homework. But no, I don’t think it was there.

I believe I learned to type when I signed up for service with GEnie, an AOL competitor for about 20 seconds, in 1993. My handle was “Bearcub.” I made a general nuisance of myself, at $3 an hour. Yes, it was the internet Dark Ages. However, it was also a great test of imagination, wit, and typing skills to keep up with the authors and fans hanging around. No point frolicking in ascii if you are 4 or 5 lines behind everyone else. Note: They call them “msgs” now.

Word count until Jules screams, “Don’t fight!” = 4,286 words.*

*Word count subject to change once it has been revised nine times.