Operation eBook Drop

Thanks to Smashwords, I became aware of a great program for deployed troops. It’s called Operation eBook Drop. It is a website that links deployed troops to authors who want to share their work for free. I am making this book available to deployed troops as part of this program.

Here’s why:

For three years in the ’80s, my family was stationed in Paris, France. This was my introduction to different cultures. Cultures with a long and varied history of war. You can’t walk around Seattle and see bullet holes in buildings from World War II like you can in Paris.

We visited the US Embassy often. To get there, we walked by the French gen d’armes on patrol with machine guns and passed through the blastproof guard tower staffed by US Marines. My school had bomb drills instead of fire drills. Early in our stay, one of the kids at school was shopping in a grocery store with his family when a bomb went off. He was lucky. I started paying attention.

I have fond memories of visiting the American military base SHAPE in Chievres, Belgium and Ramstein AFB in Germany, to stock up on food, clothes, and of course, books. (And boy, did we buy alot of them! This was when I did a bulk download of Stephen King to my adolescent brain.) Without base privileges, I would not be the writer I am today.

I drew on my experience living abroad for Tenderfoot. The main character, Jules, is a Swedish-American teenager who has lived most of her life abroad and moves back to the States to go to college. She wants to be normal and fit in with her friends but then things get interesting!

In summary, as a military brat who lived abroad, I appreciate every day of service our deployed troops spend away from their home communities and loved ones. I hope my little book will help them pass the time until they return home safely.

If you are a deployed troop or know someone who is, please email me at amymtupperatgmaildotcom for a free download coupon from Smashwords.