Signed Copies Now Available

Author with books

Due to recent clamoring demand by my fans, signed copies of both of my books are now available!

Here’s the page that tells you what to do, but really, it’s simple.

Go to paypal. Tell me in the comments which book(s) you want. Who should I make them out to? Don’t forget to include your address! Send me money. Sit back while I scramble to the post office and get them in the mail to you.

How easy is that?

Blinded Now Available – In Trade Paperback

Blinded Cover

More good news! Blinded is now available on Amazon in trade paperback. So if you’ve been waiting to hold this story in your hot little hands, here’s your chance.

Heart, hand, and sword – that’s what I promised Jules.

I was nineteen years old. What did I know? 

Sure, I’d noticed Jules was slightly unusual. Like she always knew where I was and how I felt. Yeah, it was odd, but it was also kind of romantic. One day, I’d even caught her fighting telepathically with Nick, her trainer. Not that I was surprised, because she was different from other girls – and who wouldn’t find something to fight about with that guy? Frankly, the only one who needed training was him, starting with manners and ending with butting out. But Jules made it clear they were a package deal and that was that.

Then a creature from Nick’s past attacks Jules. She won’t rouse from sleep, her coma a reaction to a magic spell. It gets worse. She pulls me into her dreams – old memories that reveal her secrets. I fear Jules might be alone in them forever unless we find a way to remove the magic dagger wrapped around her wrist.

There’s only one thing I can do.

Get in the car with Nick and pray we get help in time…

With a length of 272 pages, the trade paperback version is now available at Amazon for $12.99.

Thank you for your support and happy reading!

News: Short Story Anthology

New: one of my short stories has been included in a short story anthology of independent authors put together by the Indie Book Lounge, called fittingly enough, Short Story Anthology. It is available in paperback for $5.95 at As you can see from the cover, the short stories cover sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal genres.

That short story, The Backahasten, was also posted on my blog if you’d like to read it for free.


ParaYourNormal Interview Today

As announced previously, today I will be interviewed by ParaYourNormal on at 6:30 eastern on Blog Talk Radio about my young adult paranormal coming-of-age book, Tenderfoot.

If you’d like, you can call in and ask questions about the book, or catch the recording at a later time.

ParaYourNormal also posted a lovely interview on their blog which you can find here.

Thanks so much to ParaYourNormal for the opportunity!

Flash Fiction: Circular – Update


Congratulations to Me!

My three sentences were picked as a winner in the flash fiction contest thrown by my favoritest (sic) purveyor of writing tips and writerly experience: CHUCK WENDIG.

<insert flashy blinky lights here>

This is very exciting. One of my short term writing goals was to win acclaim from him, and I was able to do so with only three sentences!

Now, to wait by the mailbox for his postcard to see what writing advice Chuck offers…


Flash Fiction

A flash fiction response to a challenge issued by Chuck Wendig at

The assignment was to write three sentences. Yes, three. I think the hard part for this assignment was to write three relevant sentences. I went with something topical.


I arrived seemingly before I left. One moment the cops were around the corner and the next I sat down in the sand on the empty beach. With my stolen NeutrinoPort, it was easy to slip in and out of dimensions; staying in one place was what I found to be impossible.


Tim Ellis’s Featured Author

Battle Park, Chapel Hill, NC

Today Tim Ellis has been kind enough to feature me as an author on his blog I talk about the various forms of writing I’ve used throughout my life and how this experience applies to the creation of Tenderfoot.

Tim is the author of ten books in multiple genres with a new one, The Flesh Is Weak, due in August. Check out his bio as well, it’s an inspiring story!

Big thanks to Tim for the feature!

First 5 Star Review!

Join the Review Club at Ruffin Dorm, UNC-CH!

There comes a time in every author’s life when the first review comes in. Mine was June 3rd, 2011. That was the day when Valentina at Carabosse’s Library posted her review of my book, TENDERFOOT.

Let’s see if I can do proper justice to that moment: my hands trembled as I read it. She loved the book! I was vindicated! Somebody got it. I might have a real shot at this book writing stuff! Who knew! I could say I did, but hey, let’s be honest here. I hoped. We all hope. This is the kind of review that vindicates an author and their vision, hopefully even my writing. Glory!  And then I did my little Sally Fields victory lap jabbering at the cat, the disinterested children, the plants, the paint drying on walls next to my computer. It was a fine, fine moment.
Naturally, I sent her an email almost immediately where I gushed with appreciation. I really should post it on here, but even I have hit my threshold for embarrassment!
After I emailed the link to my husband and my parents, I had second doubts. Was the book that good? I checked another review Valentina wrote after mine. This book did not pass muster. Hooray! She’s wasn’t lying to me! I could believe wholeheartedly in my little project! Because no matter what anyone says after this, I have one fan! One true fan! In the end, isn’t that all any author needs to keep going?
In any case, go see what Valentina had to say at Carabosse’s Library. No really, click that link! The least I can do is send her some traffic as a thank you. FYI, Valentina posts new content daily, her book review blog is well-organized, and the graphics are pretty cool. It’s a great blog.
In closing, I hope her review of TENDERFOOT will make you feel warm and fuzzy too! 

Excerpt On IndieBooksList

Battle Park, Chapel Hill, NC

Today Indie Books List is featuring an excerpt of TENDERFOOT!

This excerpt is taken from Chapter 8, when Jules goes to see Nick’s band play. There’s a bit of a confrontation and Jules gets a wee bit upset. Hey, at least Jade had a great time!

Many thanks to Shania Richmond for the share!

Follow to Indie Books List

Terry Moore’s Francine Has Read Tenderfoot!

An original sketch by Terry Moore, owned by Trevor Tupper. June 2011

Money can’t buy love.

This axiom is repeated everywhere: books, songs, movies.

However, money can buy a really awesome gift for your wife. And what better way to show your writing-obsessed wife who has suddenly stopped doing the necessary tasks of life like feeding you or bathing the kids (we won’t mention the cleaning of the house), you support her 100% on whatever path “the book” takes her down than buying an original sketch that ties together the two awesome worlds of Strangers In Paradise and TENDERFOOT, straight from the man himself, Mr.Terry Moore?

Well, this wife is convinced there exists at least one true fan – my poor suffering husband! Today is 1 year to the day that my brain was taken over by Jules, Nick, and Andrew. And how cool is this sketch?

There sits Francine, one of Terry Moore’s famous characters from Strangers In Paradise, reading a book. What book is that? Why, it’s TENDERFOOT! And yes, she really is making a comparision between my troublemaking character Nick, and Freddie, her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/frenemy. Gotta love it!

Feel free to click on the link to admire the picture up close. See all the awesome reviews on the back of my book? The hilarious cover of Twilight? Even Jules pendant?

My husband is a HUGE fan of Terry Moore and has been for the longest time. I have to say, now I am too. Thanks so much to Terry for humoring my wonderful husband!