Flash Fiction: Search Results

Drawing by Emily Tupper, Age 8

Flash Fiction

A flash fiction response to a challenge issued by Chuck Wendig at terribleminds.com.

The assignment was to write a story about a new kind of monster.


#avasparty, @jenjenten, @ericablonde, @killersteph, @thadalot, @jonahdog, @drewdreamey

Hey Tweeps. Still pissed my dad grounded me for busting curfew last night. Missing out on #avasparty tonight!
JenJenTen, Sat Oct 29, 21:03

@jenjenten Damn girl. How long are you grounded for?
EricaBlonde, Sat Oct 29, 21:04

@ericablonde Forever. Nah, he hasn't decided yet. So who's there?
JenJenTen, Sat Oct 29, 21:05

@jenjenten JASON!!!!!!!!!!!
KillerSteph, Sat Oct 29, 21:05

@killersteph @jenjenten I know, like right? It's embarrassing how he's hanging all over Ava. Then again,
it's #avasparty .
EricaBlonde, Sat Oct 29, 21:06

@jenjenten Aww. I'm so sad you're not here, I'm crying in my beer. Can't you sneak out and come to #avasparty ?
Thadalot, Sat Oct 29, 21:15

#avasparty is kicking! Any ladies want to hook up?
DrewDreamey, Sat Oct 29, 21:34

@thadalot Sorry baby. Step Jane is guarding the stairs! Unreals.
JenJenTen, Sat Oct 29, 21:40

@jenjenten Jonah wants to go to the gardens. Abandoned house, woot woot! Can you meet us? #avasparty
Thadalot, Sat Oct 29, 21:56

@jenjenten Meet us! Bring beer!
JonahDog, Sat Oct 29, 21:59

@drewdreamey You’re nasty. Stay on the other side of the room or I'll scream. #avasparty
KillerSteph, Sat Oct 29, 21:59

@killersteph O you can scream for me all night long! #avasparty
DrewDreamey, Sat Oct 29, 22:02

@jenjenten Did you hear that crunch? That was Steph throwing Drew's phone out the window. Girl's vicious.
Thadalot, Sat Oct 29, 22:09

@killersteph I take that back. I didn't mean it Steph! Please? #avasparty
Thadalot, Sat Oct 29, 22:11

@thadalot @ericablonde @killersteph @jonahdog @drewdreamey LOL! Ok, I'll sneak out. #avasparty
JenJenTen, Sat Oct 29, 22:45

@jenjenten Hooray! And bring a leash for Drew. #avasparty
KillerSteph, Sat Oct 29, 22:47

@jenjenten I'll be waiting. : )
Thadalot, Sat Oct 29, 22:48

@killersteph OW. THAT HURT. #avasparty
DrewDreamey, Sat Oct 29, 22:52

@drewdreamey Seriously, what are you? 8 years old? #avasparty
KillerSteph, Sat Oct 29, 22:58

Meet at the front door if you're coming! #avasparty
Thadalot, Sat Oct 29, 23:23

Wait for me! #avasparty
EricaBlonde, Sat Oct 29, 23:24

Hey, did you guys hear that? This place is spooky! #avasparty
EricaBlonde, Sat Oct 29, 23:45

@ericablonde I forgot you were afraid of your own shadow. Thanks for reminding me!
KillerSteph, Sat Oct 29, 23:47

@ericablonde I'll keep you safe! #avasparty
DrewDreamey, Sat Oct 29, 23:48

@drewdreamey You found your phone? #avasparty
JenJenTen, Sat Oct 29, 23:52

@drewdreamey Bro. I'm embarrassed for you. #avasparty
JonahDog, Sat Oct 29, 23:52

@jenjenten Yes. It's scuffed now. Thanks a lot @killersteph ! @jonahdog Why? #avasparty
DrewDreamey, Sat Oct 29, 23:54

@drewdreamey You set a new low in levels of desperation. #avasparty
JonahDog, Sat Oct 29, 23:58

@jonahdog OW AGAIN. Are you my friend or my frenemy? #avasparty
DrewDreamey, Sat Oct 29, 23:59

Shh, be quiet. I heard it again. Did you hear that? #avasparty
EricaBlonde, Sat Oct 29, 23:59

@ericablonde I heard it. Is there something in the trees?
Thadalot, Sun Oct 30, 00:01

@thadalot I think so. I'm totally creeped out. @drewdreamey will you walk me back to #avasparty ?
EricaBlonde, Sun Oct 30, 00:03

@ericablonde YES.
DrewDreamey, Sun Oct 30, 00:03

What a wuss. #avasparty
KillerSteph, Sun Oct 30, 00:06

@thadalot @ericablonde @jonahdog @killersteph @drewdreamey Where are you guys? I'm outside the front
gate! #avasparty
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 00:16

@jenjenten We're near the fountain. Straight thru and hang a left at the cupid statue thingy. #avasparty
Thadalot, Sun Oct 30, 00:19

@thadlot Thanks Snookums. #avasparty
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 00:19

You @jenjenten and you @thadalot are grossing me out. #avasparty
KillerSteph, Sun Oct 30, 00:23

@killersteph You're welcome! #avasparty
Thadalot, Sun Oct 30, 00:25

@thadalot What was that noise? Were you screaming?
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 00:31

@jenjenten RUN BABY
Thadalot, Sun Oct 30, 00:31

@jenjenten Get help!
JonahDog, Sun Oct 30, 00:33

@jonahdog @thadalot What?! Why?
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 00:35

@jenjenten There's something out here. @drewdreamey @ericablonde Where are you?
JonahDog, Sun Oct 30, 00:36

@jonahdog @thadalot @killersteph @drewdreamey @ericablonde I'm safe in my car. What is it?
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 00:37

@jenjenten It was disgusting! It unfolded these massive insect arms!
KillerSteph, Sun Oct 30, 00:39

@jenjenten Something jumped out of the tree. It bit me then it ran after Erica and Drew. Get help!
Thadalot, Sun Oct 30, 00:40

@jenjenten OMG. It folded itself into a tree stump. Then four eyes poked out and it skittered
sideways. I think it ate Drew's cell.
KillerSteph, Sun Oct 30, 00:41

@jonahdog @thadalot @ericablonde @killersteph @drewdreamey I called 911!
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 00:42

@jonahdog @ericablonde @drewdreamey @killersteph @thadalot Run to my car!
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 00:45

@jenjenten Hurry! It got Drew and he's bleeding bad! We're hiding in a shed by the house.
EricaBlonde, Sun Oct 30, 00:46

@jenjenten OMG! Some of its teeth are sticking out of Drew's thigh. It was only two feet tall
but it jumped on him.
EricaBlonde, Sun Oct 30, 00:48

@ericablonde Jonah made it to the car. @killersteph @thadalot Where are you?
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 00:55

@ericablonde The police are almost here. Jonah's talking to them. Hang on! @thadalot Baby??
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 00:57

@jenjenten I'm so scared! It poked one of its stalk snake eyes through a crack and blinked!
EricaBlonde, Sun Oct 30, 00:59

@ericablonde They're here! Hold tight! The police are in the garden now.
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 01:01

@jenjenten There's so much blood. That thing finally ran away.
EricaBlonde, Sun Oct 30, 01:02

@ericablonde They found Thad! Part of his hand is gone.
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 01:15

@jenjenten Where's Steph?
EricaBlonde, Sun Oct 30, 01:16

@ericablonde I don't know.
JenJenTen, Sun Oct 30, 01:20

@ericablonde @jenjenten @drewdreamey @thadalot @jonahdog Please DM @newstoday. We'd like to
interview you. Was it a monster? #avasparty
News Today Investigators, Sun Oct 30, 03:14

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