Flash Fiction: Circular – Update


Congratulations to Me!

My three sentences were picked as a winner in the flash fiction contest thrown by my favoritest (sic) purveyor of writing tips and writerly experience: CHUCK WENDIG.

<insert flashy blinky lights here>

This is very exciting. One of my short term writing goals was to win acclaim from him, and I was able to do so with only three sentences!

Now, to wait by the mailbox for his postcard to see what writing advice Chuck offers…


Flash Fiction

A flash fiction response to a challenge issued by Chuck Wendig at terribleminds.com.

The assignment was to write three sentences. Yes, three. I think the hard part for this assignment was to write three relevant sentences. I went with something topical.


I arrived seemingly before I left. One moment the cops were around the corner and the next I sat down in the sand on the empty beach. With my stolen NeutrinoPort, it was easy to slip in and out of dimensions; staying in one place was what I found to be impossible.


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