Flash Fiction: Blistering Criticism

UNC-Chapel Hill

Flash Fiction

A flash fiction response to a challenge issued by Chuck Wendig at terribleminds.com.

The assignment was to write a complete story of no more than 100 words using three of the five following words: ivy, enzyme, blister, lollipop, and bishop.

I used four of the five words, which can be found below in bold. The likely pairings were enzymes and ivy, blister and lollipop. I went in the other direction and purposely forced them apart.


Jessica carefully added enzymes to the small beaker of urushiol oil and stirred well, like she’d been taught. Then she added the mixture to the gently bubbling corn syrup. How handy to make the treats right in the lab! When the syrup hit hard-crack stage, she poured it into small round molds. A few hours later, packed and ready, she arranged the shiny red lollipops on a pretty paper plate near the door.

Jessica’s days of researching herpes zoster were over. She’d show those pretentious Ivy League bastards she used to work with what it meant to form a blister.

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