Six Sentence Sunday 8/28

Welcome to Six Sentences on Sunday!

This excerpt is taken from Chapter 9 of my book, Tenderfoot.

Gathering courage, I stammered, “Why did you kiss me?”

His face changed, his new expression enigmatic for a fleeting moment. Then sexy Nick from the night before stared out. His unblinking gaze made me flinch. I touched my pendant.

“You didn’t enjoy my kiss?”

Six Sentence Sunday is graciously hosted by Sara over at You can check out other author entries at her website or follow along on Twitter, searching by #SixSunday.

4 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 8/28

    • Angela, thanks for letting me know about the link. Not sure what happened when I posted it this week. Noticed my link was not under my name either.

      The great thing about six sentences is there’s always another week.

  1. I had to read the line, ‘Then sexy Nick from the night before…’ several times before it made sense to me. Maybe it’s just ’cause the name isn’t mentioned until then, but maybe it could be tweaked a little to be clearer? I kept thinking it was a new character entering the scene 🙂

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