Six Sentence Sunday – 7/31

Sunday, yawn!

Welcome to my Six Sentences on Sunday! This excerpt is taken from Chapter 11 of my book, Tenderfoot.

Abruptly, Andrew took one long stride to his bureau, ripped open a drawer and grabbed some clothes. Then he was gone. The slammed door vibrated in the frame for several uneasy seconds. He stood against the wall outside the door through which his heart hammered, almost louder than my own. He wasn’t the only one startled by the level of sexual tension between us.

What would I do if he opened the door?

Six Sentence Sunday is graciously hosted by Sara over at You can check out other author entries at her website or follow along on Twitter, searching by #SixSunday.

5 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – 7/31

  1. Kids these days! Considering as Andrew has come down the hall of his dorm, from taking a shower, and wears only a towel in this scene, I’m afraid Jules and Andrew would get into trouble! For the reader, it’s all good!

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