Have you heard of TwitFic? I hadn’t until last night when a post of this amazing art form scrolled by on Twitter. It consists of a using a tweet, which has a limitation of 140 characters, to tell a story.

@DianaTrees, also known as Diana Trees, author of Divine Wine and several other books, writes TwitFic. One of her posts scrolled by and it was so funny I laughed out loud. I promptly retweeted it to my followers. Here’s what it said:

“We all knew that @drewiscrazy but had no idea as to his zombie sympathies until it was late, and the gate was flung wide.”

I hate it when that happens!

Notice that Diana has taken the significant restraints of tweeting and upped the ante by adding another one – using a twitter name as part of the text of the tweet.

To my surprise – and delight! – five minutes after I retweeted her message, she wrote one with my name:

“When the local rep tried to sell @amytupper ware, he had no idea Amy was a Zombie. Now Amy has cool plastic to store bite-sized human bits.”

 My hat is off to @DianaTrees! You can find more of her witty TwitFics here:

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