Six Sentence Sunday 7/10

If you want more than six, you're gonna have to buy the book.

Here are my six sentences, taken from Chapter Fourteen of my book Tenderfoot. If you were looking for seven, you’ve come to the wrong place. Go see this guy instead.

The water looked wonderful. What the heck. I stepped toward the trees where Nick couldn’t see me, throwing up my shields for good measure. I dropped the rucksack and stripped. The sunlight touched my bare skin with a friendly caress as I pulled my swimsuit on.

Digging one heel in to push off, I ran to the edge and flew.

Six Sentence Sunday is graciously hosted by Sara over at You can check out other author entries at her website or follow along on Twitter, searching by #SixSunday.

12 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 7/10

  1. you’re teasing us by giving us ch 17!!

    …though I’m curious about the shields thing, I’m also curious what kind of water she’s diving into… ocean? lake? river?

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