First 5 Star Review!

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There comes a time in every author’s life when the first review comes in. Mine was June 3rd, 2011. That was the day when Valentina at Carabosse’s Library posted her review of my book, TENDERFOOT.

Let’s see if I can do proper justice to that moment: my hands trembled as I read it. She loved the book! I was vindicated! Somebody got it. I might have a real shot at this book writing stuff! Who knew! I could say I did, but hey, let’s be honest here. I hoped. We all hope. This is the kind of review that vindicates an author and their vision, hopefully even my writing. Glory!  And then I did my little Sally Fields victory lap jabbering at the cat, the disinterested children, the plants, the paint drying on walls next to my computer. It was a fine, fine moment.
Naturally, I sent her an email almost immediately where I gushed with appreciation. I really should post it on here, but even I have hit my threshold for embarrassment!
After I emailed the link to my husband and my parents, I had second doubts. Was the book that good? I checked another review Valentina wrote after mine. This book did not pass muster. Hooray! She’s wasn’t lying to me! I could believe wholeheartedly in my little project! Because no matter what anyone says after this, I have one fan! One true fan! In the end, isn’t that all any author needs to keep going?
In any case, go see what Valentina had to say at Carabosse’s Library. No really, click that link! The least I can do is send her some traffic as a thank you. FYI, Valentina posts new content daily, her book review blog is well-organized, and the graphics are pretty cool. It’s a great blog.
In closing, I hope her review of TENDERFOOT will make you feel warm and fuzzy too! 

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