Terry Moore’s Francine Has Read Tenderfoot!

An original sketch by Terry Moore, owned by Trevor Tupper. June 2011

Money can’t buy love.

This axiom is repeated everywhere: books, songs, movies.

However, money can buy a really awesome gift for your wife. And what better way to show your writing-obsessed wife who has suddenly stopped doing the necessary tasks of life like feeding you or bathing the kids (we won’t mention the cleaning of the house), you support her 100% on whatever path “the book” takes her down than buying an original sketch that ties together the two awesome worlds of Strangers In Paradise and TENDERFOOT, straight from the man himself, Mr.Terry Moore?

Well, this wife is convinced there exists at least one true fan – my poor suffering husband! Today is 1 year to the day that my brain was taken over by Jules, Nick, and Andrew. And how cool is this sketch?

There sits Francine, one of Terry Moore’s famous characters from Strangers In Paradise, reading a book. What book is that? Why, it’s TENDERFOOT! And yes, she really is making a comparision between my troublemaking character Nick, and Freddie, her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/frenemy. Gotta love it!

Feel free to click on the link to admire the picture up close. See all the awesome reviews on the back of my book? The hilarious cover of Twilight? Even Jules pendant?

My husband is a HUGE fan of Terry Moore and has been for the longest time. I have to say, now I am too. Thanks so much to Terry for humoring my wonderful husband!

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