Tenderfoot Haikus

Nature's canopy, a picture captures moment, lovely Battle Park


As a reader, I like to be surprised. This was my central thought while writing the blurb, or description for TENDERFOOT.

Yet, as an author, I like to leave clues. And while I won’t be expanding the book’s blurb or openly discuss the plot developments (Ever feel like you’ve seen the movie after you’ve seen the movie’s trailer?), I might pull out the breadcrumbs and put one here, one there.

Why, look! Here are some now…

Folklore retold is
Paranormal fantasy –
College life dawns,
annoying Troll legacy,
Andrew is the one.
New morning sunrise
my heart, hand, and sword –
Jules has them all.
Eighteenth summer,
it starts over again –
This one will resist.

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