Searching for Portugal

A SIlent Film, Chapel Hill, April 2011

One of my favorite bands, A Silent Film, has been together for several years but it was only a few months ago that I became aware of their music. When I heard one of their songs, I went to the Internet to do a little research and find out what I could.

The story I stumbled upon is pretty interesting. ASF came together in Oxford, England several years ago. They became well known in their community but for some unknown reason, they didn’t capture the attention of the large music industry. Then one day, they got the call. One song was playing on a radio station in Portugal and it shot to the top of the charts. Suddenly ASF was in high demand. Requests for TV interviews, news articles, and other media poured in. An invitation to a famous music festival materialized. Portugal loved ASF.

Due to this success, ASF was able to move forward. They recently toured the United States and are in the process of recording another album. I would hope, to great fame and fortune. (Read their song lyrics – phenomenal story telling and poetry.)

What’s my point?

As an indie author, I need to find my Portugal. Somewhere there is a market for my work. It might be a small market, it might be a larger market. But it’s out there. And I am going to find it.

This is why I am attempting to make my ebook, TENDERFOOT, available on all the online book stores that will have my work. It’s why I tag my posts, joined some writing boards, research the industry, set up google alerts, and fill out author information everywhere I leave an electronic trail related to books. There are a thousand little details that are part of being an indie author, and I have notes on them all. Because I never know who might happen to pick up an ereader looking for something to read and decide my blurb sounds pretty good.

This is what I keep in mind as I write my second book. Someday I will find my Portugal.

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