I’m 1500 words into BLINDED. Already, a major theme of trust vs. faith has popped up. I can’t wait to develop it further.

When I wrote TENDERFOOT, I wasn’t able to articulate the major theme until I’d revised the story several times. Then one day it was clear: loss vs. discovery. Over and over, Jules experiences the give and take of losing something yet discovering something else. I think her life experience gives her voice a bittersweet edge. The audience hears this in her thoughts and gut reactions. She’s a girl who has survived. She also has a little more experience in saying goodbye than the average person. That was something I pulled from my own experience as an American living abroad. The adventure of living in another culture (discovery) vs. giving up everything or everyone that you know (loss.) Jules has moved twice internationally. Her third move, to college, becomes the third time she says goodbye and leaves her former life behind. But this is the first time she gets to make the choice for herself. It puts a responsibility on her that she is not comfortable with, yet must accept. Jules recognizes she had to make this choice while begrudging her own sister for staying close to home.

This being a story of paranormal fiction, Jules’ loss and discovery is larger than herself. It is a change that sets off a wide-reaching chain of events.

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